Thousand Islands Jakarta Accommodations

Are you looking for a runaway from a busy life? Tired of dealing with the work pressure and demanding boss? Why not retreat and spoil yourself with a pleasant vacation at the Thousand Islands hotels?

Thousand Islands is a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors who desire for an absolute peacefulness. There are many hotels in Thousand Islands for you to stay the night and enjoy the luxury of utmost comfort. The resorts, cabins, and cottages are spread on the islands, and you can choose one that matches your requirements.

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Things to Do in Thousand Islands Jakarta

Laying in the Jakarta Bay, Pulau Seribu or Thousand Islands has an unimaginably beautiful panorama that captivates every sight. Though the archipelago doesn’t literally have thousands of islands, it still consists of at least 110 small islands, large and small, that are divided into historical, conservation, or tourism island.

How to Get to Thousand Islands Jakarta

Thousand Islands is among the top list in Jakarta attractions that always attract many visitors to come every day. But how to get to 1000 Islands from Jakarta city? Approximately, you will spend about 20-minute ride from the Marina Ancol port to the nearest island using speedboat.

Another way to get to Thousand Islands is by ship, which departs at 8 am or 9 am from the Marina Ancol. The timber ship is also a good alternative to go to 1000 Islands from Muara Angke Port to Pramuka Island. The ship will transit about 2-3 hours before going to Panggang Island.

Things to Do in Thousand Islands Jakarta

The islands in the archipelago are divided for various purposes—for tourism, conservation, historical sites, or for community empowerment. However, there are a lot of fun activities to do here, particularly water sports, such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, etc.

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A Brief Guide to Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is not only popular because it’s modern town and business district. It is also known for its entertainment and nightlife section of the city. Among all other nightlife on the cities around Asia, Jakarta is one of the safest places to go out at night.

As a busy city, Jakarta has it all. Here you can find various places from a classy lounge to the noisy pub. There will be different classes from upmarket clubs to the red-light entertainment district. All the nightlife can be divided for each main area of Jakarta.

Talking about Jakarta nightlife guide, we need to talk about the things that might be in it, too. There may be drugs, prostitution, and illegal drinks. However, you can always stick to legal things to do in Jakarta at night.

To be fair, let’s talk about both sides of the nightlife. This is so you know which one to go and which one to avoid. After all, the choice is yours.

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Jakarta Hotels Guide: 5 Top Rated Jakarta Hotels to Stay

Jakarta has a wide list of hotels that can give you a luxurious and comfortable stay. There are hotels that have a complete list of entertaining facilities so that you don’t have to go out of the hotels for your short holiday. The 4 and 5-star hotels in Jakarta will serve you well and indulge you for a day.

These hotels can be your choice if you are going to stay at Jakarta for short holiday, transit or even business trips. We all know that Jakarta is the busiest city in Indonesia. All of these city bustles are balanced by the entertaining sides of the city which offers comfort and pleasure.

So, whether you are a domestic or foreign tourist, you might find this list of high-starred hotels useful for your next stay.

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Jakarta Foods Guide: Things to Eat in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. A big part of the country’s activities happens in Jakarta. The lure of Jakarta’s business attracts the people from outside of the city to come and have a bite of the city’s success. This makes Jakarta full of people from around the country. Together they make a fusion of different cultures and culinary tastes.

For the culinary traveler, Jakarta offers a various range of cuisine. In Jakarta, you can find almost all Indonesia’s foods. From the street hawkers to the fine dining restaurants, you might find the best things to eat in Jakarta. Jakarta also has its authentic food. Most of them are by Chinese, Indian, and European food.

The best street foods in Jakarta are a guilty pleasure treat for everybody. The prices are somehow affordable yet rich in taste. There are no standard tastes of these Jakarta street foods. Therefore, you might want to ask around about the best street food seller in town.

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Jakarta Travel Guide: Things to Do in Jakarta

As a capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta has a unique fusion of different cultures of Indonesia’s richness. It’s like having each of Indonesian culture miniature in a city. Not only that, Jakarta is the home to many business activities of Indonesia.

Jakarta is surely not a main tourist destination with its bustling traffic and activities. But, this is a place where you can get to know Indonesia better in one place. The is a very large city with various places to visit and, of course, there are tons of things to do in Jakarta.

Due to the large area, it’s hard to get around and visit all the attractions in a day. Mainly, the location can be divided into 5 districts. First is the Central part of Jakarta. It is the most vital district because it’s where Indonesia’s political and administrative activities are held. Here is where you can find five-star hotels and high-end malls.

The second is the South where the business happens along with elite housing and entertainment. On the opposite end, the North is the gate of Jakarta from the sea port, so expect to see beach lines here. There are office buildings and malls around. There are also housing, but you can barely see it from the main roads.

The West and East parts of Jakarta are mostly for industrial and housing area. Choose which area you would want to see first to determine your staying area.
Seeing at the cost side, Jakarta welcomes all. You can stay at the cheapest comfortable hotel and go to a sophisticated fine dining the next day. Prepare and plan your budget on what kind of things you want to do in Jakarta.

To get started with it, let us take a look at Jakarta’s accommodation.

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Bintan Resorts Guide: Best Place to Stay at Bintan

The fact that Bintan is one of most visited islands in Indonesia causes many developers to build numerous resorts on the island. Hence, it’s not a hard to find a luxury place to stay. Bintan resorts are sparse everywhere.

However, it is quite essential to book for a room that matches your standard. Whether you want it cheap or expensive, budget or luxurious resorts, everything can come easy at your hand.

To help you sort it out, here is the list of some best resorts in Bintan island.

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Want to Experience Vacation in Luxury? Why Not Stay in 5-Star Bintan Hotels!

When planning for an unforgettable gateway in Bintan, choosing room and board is something you should consider carefully. Pointing at the wrong hotel can result in a riotous night or even ruin your supposed-to-be-fun moment entirely.

Hotels in Bintan are ranging from a budget cabin to luxurious 5-star hotels with unparalleled facilities. If you are longing to spend your nights of vacation in Bintan hotels, here are some of the best preferences.

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Here are 7 Cool Things to Do in Bintan Island

Things to do in Bintan
Things to Do in Bintan

This season, have you decided for a place to stay on during the holiday? Why not try to come to Bintan Island? Bintan is situated in the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. It is one of the most attractive site in the Islands with its capital at Tanjung Pinang.

There are many fun things to do in Bintan, and this island has almost everything required for a fun vacation.

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Batam Shopping Guide: Best Places for Shopping Spree in Batam

Batam Shopping Guide
Batam Shopping Guide

Singapore may be hailed as the shopping destination in Southeast Asia, but Batam shopping hub is as vibrant as its neighbor.

Many Indonesians know Batam as the gate to Singapore. But if you enjoy the shopping spree in your trip, staying in Batam can give you more benefits than if you actually head to Singapore.

Batam shopping center, market, malls and factory outlets are as diverse as Singapore’s, and usually, boast lower prices. You can shop with both Indonesian Rupiahs and Singaporean Dollars; the latter is the unofficial second currency due to the high influx of people traveling to and from Singapore.

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