Top Ten Batam Nightlife Venues You Must Visit

Batam nightlife
Batam Nightlife Guide for the First Timers

Batam may be small, but Batam nightlife is as lively as many other big cities in Indonesia.

Since this city is a business and trade hub, also a gateway to Singapore, Batam has a huge traffic of travelers and business folks. You will easily find nightlife attractions and venues that cater to expatriates’ taste, such as bars, night clubs, cafes, spas, and sauna centers.

Navigating through Batam nightlife area can be overwhelming, especially if you have never been to the city before. Here are top ten recommendations to experience the best from Batam nightlife venues.

Pacific Discotheque

Pacific Discotheque Batam
Pacific Discotheque Batam via

Address: Jalan Duyung No. 1 Sei Jodoh, Batam.

Also known as Pacific Disco Batam, Pacific Discotheque is currently one of the most popular discos in the city. Pacific Disco also has a very strategic location; it is only five-minute drive from the ferry harbor, and located inside the Pacific Hotel. The place is a one-stop venue for enjoying an ample Batam nightlife experience.

The disco has three floors. The first floor is the disco itself, the second floor is a karaoke bar, and the third floor is a massage center. The music here is mostly the combination of fast-paced electronic jams and a live band.

Planet 2 Disco (Newton Disco Batam)

Planet 2 Disco (Newton Disco Batam)
Planet 2 Disco (Newton Disco Batam) via

Address: Jalan Kompleks Nagoya City Walk, Batam.

This place is mostly known as Newton Disco Batam, and it is essentially a one-stop entertainment center. The building has a bar, disco, and adult massage. However, you have to be careful since this place is quite popular as a drug transaction venue.

Even if you do not come for getting high, this is definitely not a place for sitting and sipping drink quietly.

Newton Disco underwent renovation in 2016, and now it has lounge room on the second floor, complete with games. It also has some sort of “hotel” rooms that you can rent for a very short period.

PP Banana Batam

PP Banana Batam
PP Banana Batam via

Address: Kampung Bule, Nagoya, Batam.

If you feel like getting a little naughty, you can visit PP Banana Batam. This place is a combination between a bar, adult massage center, and striptease venue. Frequent visitors refer to it as the only Thai-style gogo bar in Batam. This is just one of the nightlife venues in Nagoya Entertainment District (NED), which is also known as “kampung bule” by locals.

Aside from the adult entertainments, PP Banana Batam is generally a nice place to sit and enjoy some drinks. The bar allows visitors to choose songs from the DJ’s laptop, and even ask the DJ to play their own playlists. Despite the expatriate-oriented atmosphere, the drinks are quite cheap for a city bar, unless the guests ask for extra service from the lady companions.

Titanium Club Batam

Titanium Club Batam
Titanium Club Batam via

Address: Harbour Bay Mall, Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Batam.

If you look for a luxurious venue with commercial appeal, Titanium Club Batam can be your choice. This night club is considered the most sophisticated compared to other popular clubs like Newton and Pacific. The sound system and lighting are great, and the shows are varied. The music is mostly remixes of popular songs, so the youthful, commercial vibes are very obvious.

Prices of drinks are quite expensive compared to less glitzy clubs, but Titanium is perfect for having fun with friends on holiday. The pub is located on the second floor of Harbour Bay Mall, and this makes the club particularly popular among the visiting Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Ice Pub Batam

Ice Pub Batam
Ice Pub Batam via

Address: Komplek Betama Jaya Blok A/5, Lubuk Baja Kota, Lubuk Baja, Batam.

Ice Pub Batam is a laid-back bar located in Nagoya Entertainment District. The size is quite compact, but it offers a casual atmosphere, especially compared to glitzy clubs like Titanium and PP Banana. The atmosphere will instantly remind you of an outback bar, with wooden structures, pool tables, and seven-meter long bar table with (mostly) female bartenders.

NoName Pub

No Name Pub Batam
No Name Pub Batam via

Address:  Jalan Raja Ali H., Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Kota Batam.

Another popular hangout spot in Nagoya, NoName Pub may look small, dark, and kitschy at first glance. However, this pub is a favorite among locals and expatriates for many reasons. The atmosphere is quite casual and perfect for meeting people, especially if you want to meet beautiful Batam girls. There are both lady companions and regular female visitors that welcome a casual conversation with male guests.

NoName has a small dance floor, and the majority of music is remixed from the Top 40 list. The setting and atmosphere are perfect to have a party with your friends, especially if you come during the weekend or after 2 AM.

Lucy’s Oarhouse

Lucy’s Oarhouse Batam
Lucy’s Oarhouse Batam via

Address: Nagoya, Batam.

Going to Lucy’s Oarhouse is like visiting an urban history because this place is the oldest expatriate pub in Batam. This pub is a great place to sit and drink with friends because the atmosphere is cozy and the music is dominated by classic rock hits. You can also use the pool table or order foods such as pork sandwich, chips, and Thai curry.

Located in Nagoya, Lucy’s Oarhouse has been a favorite among expatriates from oil and gas industries. Nowadays, it still keeps its cozy atmosphere despite the coming of glitzy, more modern pubs.

Red Rose

Red Rose Batam
Red Rose Batam via

Address: Kampung Bule, Nagoya, Batam.

Red Rose is a great choice if you love British-style pub. This is the oldest British pub in Nagoya, and a favorite venue for watching sport matches on TV (the pub has five flat-screen televisions). Red Rose has happy hour from opening to 7 PM, and even serves full English breakfast.

The Last Pub

The Last Pub Batam
The Last Pub Batam via

Address:  Komplek New Holiday Blok B1-2, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Batam.

The Last Pub is a favorite after-office entertainment venue in Nagoya. People who come here are mostly office workers and expats who just want to unwind after work. The atmosphere is quite cozy, and perfect if you prefer to hang out with your friends while listening to music and enjoying drinks.

The Last Pub is also ideal for couples, and the DJ plays good music. There are no lady hustlers in this pub, but there are always freelancers hanging around if you want companions.

Fat Willy’s

Fat Willy's Batam
Fat Willy’s Batam via

Address: Kampung Bule, Nagoya, Batam.

Also known as Dirty Dicks, this pub always attracts huge numbers of crowds in Nagoya, especially after midnight. The pub has a large number of staffs and lady companions, but there is no pressure on guests to buy them drinks.
The pub is especially famous for serving cheap bottles. This is a great place to hang out if you enjoy the festive venue.

Batam offers numerous venues for those who look for nightlife activities. Start with these places to get a taste of what Batam nightlife is actually like.

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