Batam Shopping Guide: Best Places for Shopping Spree in Batam

Batam Shopping Guide
Batam Shopping Guide

Singapore may be hailed as the shopping destination in Southeast Asia, but Batam shopping hub is as vibrant as its neighbor.

Many Indonesians know Batam as the gate to Singapore. But if you enjoy the shopping spree in your trip, staying in Batam can give you more benefits than if you actually head to Singapore.

Batam shopping center, market, malls and factory outlets are as diverse as Singapore’s, and usually, boast lower prices. You can shop with both Indonesian Rupiahs and Singaporean Dollars; the latter is the unofficial second currency due to the high influx of people traveling to and from Singapore.

Places for Shopping in Batam

If you are ready to book a ticket and visit Batam, here are the top places for shopping you need to know.

Batam City Square (BCS)

Batam City Square (BCS)
Batam City Square (BCS) via

Batam City Square is the most iconic Batam mall, located in a strategic spot in a busy downtown. The mall is located right between two busy roads; Jalan Penuin and Jalan Bunga Raya. The mall offers fashion outlets, bookstore, donut shops, fast food restaurants, food courts, supermarket, pool and game center, electronic stores, bowling alley, gift shops, and hair salons.

The BCS is very close to several major hotels in Batam. It only takes five minutes of driving from Hotel 89 and Ozon, and ten minutes from Novotel, Pacific Palace, Harmoni, and Goodway. You can use a taxi to take you to BCS Mall Batam, and if you rent a car, finding the mall is very easy.

Mega Mall Batam Center

Mega Mall Batam Center
Mega Mall Batam Center via

Batam ferry port is more than public transportation facility; it is also a center of many activities such as business, amusement, and shopping. Mega Mall Batam is a great shopping center to visit if you need to be close to the ferry port, because there is a bridge that connects the mall directly to the port area. You can just walk to the mall and shop while waiting for your ferry to Singapore.

Mega Mall has fashion outlets, food courts, gift shops, spa center, beauty salons, fast food restaurants, ice cream parlor, donut shop, sporting goods stores, and even cinema. It is also close to Hotel Harris, Batam Centre Hotel, and Harmoni One Hotel.

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall
Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall via

Another famous shopping center in Batam is Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. This shopping center is famous for factory outlets and retail stores, where you can get fashion items, bags and other goods with very low prices (even cheaper than in Singapore!).

The mall also has abundant electronic and gadget stores. So, you can visit those stores to get affordable gadgets or electronic equipment.
Nagoya Hill adopts a city walk concept. You can visit all the shopping, business, and amusement spots easily by walking. However, the place can be a bit too crowded, especially during the weekend.

Like most shopping mall, Nagoya Hill has food courts, retail stores, supermarket, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, furniture stores, spa and massage center, and cinema. It is simply a one-stop for every need. Better still, there are several hotels that are within walking distances of Nagoya Hill, such as Puri Garden Hotel, Nagoya Plaza Hotel, I Hotel, Planet Holiday and Mercure Hotel.

Diamond City Mall (DC Mall)

Diamond City Mall (DC Mall) Batam
Diamond City Mall (DC Mall) Batam via

Diamond City Mall, also goes by the popular name “DC Mall,” is located in Jodoh area, only ten-minute drive from Harbour Bay. You probably will not find this mall attractive if you look for glitzy, modern shopping center. However, this mall is famous for various electronic, clothing, and gadget stores that offer great prices.

DC Mall has quite a strategic location, and it is close to several hotels. The nearest hotels (within one kilometer distance) are Formosa Hotel, Harmoni Suite, Pacific Palace, Gideon Hotel, and Goodway Hotel.

Avava Mall

Avava Mall Batam
Ice Skating at Avava Mall Batam via

Unlike the previous three, Avava Mall is a shopping center that focuses on retail and cheap goods, and it mostly accommodates local sellers. This is a good place to find cheap goods such as fashion items, gadgets, and accessories.

Opened in 2014, Avava Mall now also boasts various restaurants, snack stalls, supermarket, 3D museum, entertainment center, karaoke club, and even an ice-skating rink.

Harbour Bay Mall

Harbour Bay Mall Batam
Harbour Bay Mall via

As the name suggests, Harbour Bay Mall is located at Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal. It sells everything you can think of such as clothes, shoes, bags, sporting goods, accessories, and kid’s fashion items. You can also find food courts, restaurants, coffee shops, snack stalls, spa and massage center, salon, supermarket, kid’s playground, cinema, and pubs.

Take a stroll outside the mall building, and you will find many seafood restaurants that serve fresh seafood with great prices. The mall is also close to several hotels such as Swiss BelHotel and Harbour Bay Amir Hotel.

Aviari Second Hand Market

Aviari Second Hand Market Batam
Aviari Second Hand Market via

If you love adventurous shopping, sharpen your bargaining skill at Pasar Aviari (Aviari secondhand market). Locals and travelers love this market because they can get secondhand branded goods with really low prices. You can get almost everything here—branded clothes, shoes, accessories, household products and appliances, gadgets, electronic appliances, and even furniture.

Many of the goods at Aviari came from neighboring countries like Malaysia and Singapore, so they are not hard to get. If you love vintage and antique stuff, this is also a good hunting place.

Popular Gifts from Batam

Finally, if you want to bring home something that is not gadgets or handbags, here are some Batam’s popular gifts:

Kek Pisang Villa

Kek Pisang Villa Batam
Kek Pisang Villa via

Kek Pisang Villa is a popular dish from Batam. It is a type of banana cake with various flavors, such as cheese, coconut, blueberry, chocolate, yogurt, and even dragon fruit. The cake is very popular, and you can find the outlet at many shopping centers.

Bingka Bakar

Bingka Bakar Batam
Bingka Bakar via

Bingka bakar used to be served at Malayan royalties on special occasions, such as religious ceremonies, weddings, and royal festivals. Now, you can find this moist and sweet cake almost everywhere.

The most famous bingka bakar in Batam is Bingka Bakar Nayadam. You can find the outlets at various malls and shopping centers.


Rocklate Batam
Rocklate via

It is a local chocolate brand in Batam that has recently gained popularity. Rocklate is a unique combination between crunchy chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel. The chocolate has colorful packages and comes in various flavor variants.

Rocklate currently has several outlets at Nagoya Hill. So, just head there to get the sweetness of Batam’s signature dessert.

All in all, Batam is a lively, modern city that offers a lot of things for travelers. Finding things to buy in Batam is definitely something you must do when visiting the city.

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