Here are 7 Cool Things to Do in Bintan Island

Things to do in Bintan
Things to Do in Bintan

This season, have you decided for a place to stay on during the holiday? Why not try to come to Bintan Island? Bintan is situated in the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. It is one of the most attractive site in the Islands with its capital at Tanjung Pinang.

There are many fun things to do in Bintan, and this island has almost everything required for a fun vacation.

How to Get to Bintan Island (From Singapore)


How to get to Bintan by ferry
Bintan ferry via

It’s not that difficult to enter Bintan because transportation is pretty much available on a daily basis. The Island is surrounded by sea, so you’re most likely to get there by ferry.

Foreign visitors usually come to Bintan from Singapore or Malaysia, considering its proximity to the two countries.

If you are sailing from Singapore, there are three companies that operate the ferry to Bintan called Indo Falcon, Sindo Ferry, and Berlian.

Don’t be afraid to be left behind because there are 6 ferries ready to take you sail each day. During the peak season of holiday, the number of operational hours is almost doubled to 9 ferries.

The fare for a one-way ticket from Singapore to Bintan is ranging from S$17 to S$25, while return ticket will cost you about S$34 to S$50 excluding port tax.

Things to do in Bintan: Spoil Yourself in Bintan Spa

Bintan spa
Spa in Bintan via

After taking such journey, it’s time for you to indulge in Bintan spa. This is where most visitors crave the leisure of professional massage while listening to hypnotizing symphony.

There in Singapore, spa and massage don’t come cheap. When you are staying at Bintan resort, the spa service comes easily at hand in more affordable cost.

Be sure to pamper yourself with the healing stroke, calming atmosphere, and the aroma of traditional herbs to ease your stress. Bintan spa has a quite package to help you rejuvenate with two-hour tranquil spa or multi-package to soothe your body, mind, and soul.

In general, spa in Bintan will charge you about S$55 for 90-minute service, or S$70 for rejuvenating two-hour massage. Get ready to refresh your mind and recharge your energy with the relaxing Javanese, Balinese, or Thai spa.

Remember, the price is resting on the place and package that you choose.

Have a Family Time in Bintan Elephant Park

Things to do in Bintan for family
Enjoy Bintan Elephant Park with family via

Taking your kids on holiday will never be better than coming to Bintan elephant park. Here, you’ll experience interaction with the giant mammals in the most fun way while teaching your kids about their habitat. However, it’s not only seeing the elephant, but you can actually hop on their back and have a joyous ride around the forest.

The Sumatran elephants are trained to do various attractions from dancing to disco music, lifting the front legs while standing on a drum, and lifting and swinging their trainers using their trunk. To enjoy the show, you should come on Monday and Thursday at 10 am, or Friday to Sunday at 3 pm.

When simply watching the show is no fun, you may try riding the elephant or paying for elephant trail and safari. The complete package of the three is available on Tuesday, and Wednesday at 9 am and 3 pm, while elephant riding and safari are only available on Thursday at 3 pm. Fare ticket for an adult is ranging from S$14.50 to S$28.50 while kids are charged for S$12 to S$21.

Enjoy Mangrove Discovery Tour

Bintan Mangrove Discovery Tour
Mangrove Discovery Tour in Bintan via

During this 90 minutes journey along the Sebung River, you’ll find mangrove forests with remarkable scenery, witnessing the shady undefiled trees with their unique roots.

You may see local fishermen catching crabs and shrimps or fishing along the way.

You’ll also notice wild animals such as monkeys, snakes, and, if you take this tour at night, also fireflies that sparkle with a glowing light.

This tour could cost S$38 per person on weekdays and S$45 per person on weekend for a day/night tour. Or if you want a combined day and night tour, the cost would be S$61 per person on weekdays and S$71 per person on weekend. Children would get special price of $25 per person on single tour everyday and $40 per person for combined tour everyday. Surely a worth thing to do in Bintan.

Pump up Your Adrenaline in Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek

Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek
Gunung Bintan via

It’s time to have a challenging moment in Bintan. While Singapore has almost no mountain, you may want to experience the adrenaline by visiting Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek. Situated about 350 meters above sea level, this is the highest mountain in Bintan Island with several points of attraction.

Things to do in Bintan Adventure Trek include enjoying the tropical flora and fauna that are spread through the area, snapshot the 40-meter giant tree that will make a perfect spot for your Instagram photo collection. While trekking the mountain, you’ll be able to hear birds chirping, the wind whizzing amidst the silence of the forest. Be sure to bring your insect repellent because you’ll never know what’s going to happen.

Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek is scheduled daily from 9 am to 1 pm with the duration of 2 to 4-hour guided trek. The fare costs S$45 for adult and S$35 for a 3-12-year-old child.

You’ll Find Anything—Shop in Bintan

Shopping in Bintan
A Bintan shop via

Are you sure you have all you want? Bintan is the joy for any shopper because here, in the modern site of the island, you’ll find almost anything you need. Shopping in Bintan is a delight with such temptation you cannot refuse.

Upon your arrival at Bintan Resort, you’ll be intrigued to buy local handicraft and souvenirs. In the mall and shopping center, fashion apparel, electronic goods, Indonesian artifacts, and more local produce are available for you to enjoy.

Moreover, tasting Indonesian food is the next things to do in Bintan. The foods are very refreshing with rich herbs and very tasteful. Most importantly, all things come at a quite affordable price.

Have a Trip to Penyengat Island

Sultan Riau Grand Mosque
Sultan Riau Grand Mosque via

The location in Penyengat Island is just off the coast of Tanjung Pinang. If you’re asking what to do in Bintan, then why don’t you have a visit to Penyengat Island. You’ll be able to reminisce the history of the site. Riau Sultanate Grand Mosque is a historical place and marked as the popular landmark of Penyengat Island.

Another historical location in Penyengat Island is the Engku Putri Raja Hamidah tomb complex, which is the resting site of Malay-Riau’s remarkable scholar and poet. All historical spots in Penyengat Island are still well-preserved, regarding the sacred and value of the history.

Nightlife in Bintan

Bintan Nightlife
Live music in Bintan via

You’ll find it amazing that in such tiny spaces, Bintan has quite a nightlife. Speaking about what to do in Bintan, enjoying its nightlife is quite the answer. Most people who are craving for pleasure and wanting to have fun or listening to loud music will come to one of the clubs in Tanjung Pinang.

There lie Bintan’s most recommended nightclubs with good beers, live music, and dancers. Particularly during weekdays, the crowd of nightlife in Bintan is pretty packed, but it’s worth the show. Entrance fee is ranging from S$10 to S$20 depending on the performing artists.

So, are you ready to visit Bintan Island? Take a break, and join us in Bintan Island. And please share your experience if you have visited Bintan in the comment section below.

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