A Brief Guide to Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta is not only popular because it’s modern town and business district. It is also known for its entertainment and nightlife section of the city. Among all other nightlife on the cities around Asia, Jakarta is one of the safest places to go out at night.

As a busy city, Jakarta has it all. Here you can find various places from a classy lounge to the noisy pub. There will be different classes from upmarket clubs to the red-light entertainment district. All the nightlife can be divided for each main area of Jakarta.

Talking about Jakarta nightlife guide, we need to talk about the things that might be in it, too. There may be drugs, prostitution, and illegal drinks. However, you can always stick to legal things to do in Jakarta at night.

To be fair, let’s talk about both sides of the nightlife. This is so you know which one to go and which one to avoid. After all, the choice is yours.

Red Light District of Jakarta City at Night

Some part of Jakarta like South and North Jakarta has the real deal of red light district. Areas like Mangga Besar, Gajah Mada, and Pecenongan at North Jakarta are where all the crazy things happen. You can find almost everything here from karaoke, bar, pub, clubs, and massage parlor. Since prostitution is illegal in Indonesia, the brothels are hidden inside a hotel, club, or massage parlor.

North Jakarta is also the place to the most expensive nightclub in Jakarta, Alexis. It offers a strip dance for those who need it. Some of the areas mentioned above are homes to low-grade entertainment. For safety, you need to look for a more popular place.

Also, you need to know that a more popular place will have legal liquor, which is safe for you. Avoid buying illegal drinks from low-grade seller or bar, as you might not know the originality of the liquor. It might be dangerous for you.

At the South, you can find these kinds of entertainment at Blok M Jakarta nightlife. Being called the “Little Tokyo” part of the city, Blok M area offers massage parlors, karaoke, and bars. Not to mention that this is a good place to go if you want to meet Indonesian girls.

Blok M area is famous among expatriates and foreign tourists. Compared to the northern part of the city, it has a middle class of entertainment. At the northern part of Jakarta, things could be more unexpected, and drugs will be easier to find. But, you can always choose for a “cleaner” side of Jakarta nightlife.

Safe Places to Visit in Jakarta at Night

Mostly, the upmarket places will be cleaner and safer. You can find these kinds of place at Southern Part of Jakarta. Kemang area will be a good one to start if you want to find a relaxing lounge or fun bar to visit.

The clubs at Kemang have distinct music taste and ambiance settings. You can look through the other visitors to judge what’s inside. If most of the visitors are teenagers, you can say that the club has a more progressive and loud music. For couples and older guests, the music might be slower and have a lounge ambiance.

The street of Kemang also has a line of fine restaurants. You can find various types of restaurants here. Opt for your choice of food from Spanish, Italian, Arabian, and Indian cuisines. Most of the restaurants open until late at night and even open for 24 hours. This is where the club-goers go for food after a club session.

Not only that, but the line of restaurants might also have live music for those who prefer a laid-back ambiance. Places like Beer Garden, Star Deli, and Murphy’s Irish Club are great to drink with some friends.

South Jakarta has some other safe places to visit such as Senayan, Kuningan, and Thamrin. However, each of the areas also has its own typical social classes.

Party Places in Jakarta: SCBD Area

Moving on to Senayan area, there are clubs like X2 and Domain which are the place for the young and rich visitors. You might hook up with good friends along your visit here.

Jakarta people are popular for their hospitality. The prices can be high, but still affordable for a one-night entertainment. The clubs are located inside a mall, so it’s definitely safe. To start the night, you can go around in the mall and have some dinner before you go up to the club.

Another popular area is the Sudirman and Thamrin zone. This area is the central district of Jakarta business. The district called SCBD is the place to go to meet Jakarta white collars. The clubs and bars would be filled with them especially on Friday nights.

Immigrant Club is the right place if you are looking for a club; while Paulaner Brauhaus is the perfect place to get a light drink like beers. Another choice is to visit the SKYE rooftop bar on the 56th floor of BCA tower. Here, you can have a relaxing time while enjoying the dazzling city view of Jakarta night.

To add to the list, Jaksa Street is one of the most famous places for night entertainment. It is popular among foreign backpackers because the small street has everything. It provides cheap hotel to stay and affordable place to drink. It is located behind Sabang Street which has all-night food sellers along. This is the place to go for a mid to low class of Jakarta nightlife, but you can find good food and good friends here.

Whether you are a domestic or foreign tourist, it is better to choose the safest place to go. We recommend you to go in groups or get a friendly companion along the way. Jakarta people are nice as long as you are being polite. Stay out of trouble by avoiding illegal entertainment is the best way to experience Jakarta.

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