Batam Resorts Guide: List of the Best Resorts in Batam

Batam Resorts
Batam Resorts Guide: List of the Best Resorts in Batam

Do you have extra budget for your next trip to Batam? Why not enjoy the exclusive accommodation by staying at one of Batam resorts?

Many resorts in Batam offer an easy access to the beach and other popular attractions, such as shopping malls, ferry terminals, and family-fun venues. Staying in resort also means you can get the access to inclusive facilities, such as for sport, entertainment, dining, and business.

If you are not sure where to start, do not worry. We will help you find Batam resorts through this handy guide. Here are top resorts in Batam you need to consider.

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Top Ten Batam Nightlife Venues You Must Visit

Batam nightlife
Batam Nightlife Guide for the First Timers

Batam may be small, but Batam nightlife is as lively as many other big cities in Indonesia.

Since this city is a business and trade hub, also a gateway to Singapore, Batam has a huge traffic of travelers and business folks. You will easily find nightlife attractions and venues that cater to expatriates’ taste, such as bars, night clubs, cafes, spas, and sauna centers.

Navigating through Batam nightlife area can be overwhelming, especially if you have never been to the city before. Here are top ten recommendations to experience the best from Batam nightlife venues.

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The Best Batam Hotels for Mid to High Travel Budgets

Batam hotels
The Best Batam Hotels for Mid to High Travel Budgets

Batam is a bustling trading city, so it is not difficult to find good Batam hotels. Hotels with mid to high price ranges are always the best options to stay, especially if you value comfort and convenient.

Many of these hotels are also located in very strategic locations, perfect for both leisure and business travelers.

Here are some of the most recommended Batam hotels for travelers with a little extra budget to spend.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Batam

Things to Do in Batam
Top Things to Do in Batam

Batam is a bustling small island near Sumatra that is famous as the special economic zone, industrial hub, and gateway to Singapore. However, there are also many things to do in Batam if you come as travelers, even if you do not plan to cross to Singapore.

Batam offers shopping venues, culinary centers, relaxation spots, and historical-cultural destinations, perfect for all types of travelers.

Here are top ten things to do in Batam Island (in no particular order), and how much money you should prepare for each experience.

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