Thousand Islands Jakarta Accommodations

Are you looking for a runaway from a busy life? Tired of dealing with the work pressure and demanding boss? Why not retreat and spoil yourself with a pleasant vacation at the Thousand Islands hotels?

Thousand Islands is a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors who desire for an absolute peacefulness. There are many hotels in Thousand Islands for you to stay the night and enjoy the luxury of utmost comfort. The resorts, cabins, and cottages are spread on the islands, and you can choose one that matches your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Thousand Islands Accommodations

When it comes to picking where to stay among many 1000 Islands resorts, it actually depends on where you want to stay. There are many islands in the archipelago, and each of them has unique lodgings with appealing facilities.

For instance, if you wish to visit Ayer Island, choosing Thousand Islands hotels located on Putri Island or Tiger Island is not a wise decision because you’ll need extra time and cost just to commute. You can also select the right room and board by calculating the budget because every trip that’s over-budgeted means disaster.

To help you get the proper accommodation, here are the two best Thousand Islands hotels that give the best vibe.

Pulau Macan Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort

Unlike the other islands in the archipelago, Pulau Macan or Tiger Island tends to be quiet and pretty inclusive. Though it has an extraordinary panorama, there are not many visitors who come here often because the number of guests in the island is purposely limited. Those who wish to relish in the gorgeous island must make a reservation prior to arrival.

The best place to stay in here is Pulau Macan Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort. This lodge carries out nature conservation mission—hence, the name eco resort. With the eco-friendly concept, it doesn’t mean that you’ll stay without electricity.

The buildings are made of biodegradable materials such as woods and other natural resources. To save the planet, Pulau Macan Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort is generated from a solar panel, and they exploit the rainwater for a variety of needs. Guests are also served with foods made from organic ingredients yet very delightful.

Speaking of accommodation, the eco resort has different types of lodging. The shelters are like small houses floating on the water that creates village-like formation separated by a matter of distance.

The most popular option of the type is the Island Tent—an open-air tent-like shelter with a terrace facing the blue sea. Since the size is pretty small, you don’t have to spend a wad of cash for it is affordable for budget travelers.

Besides the Island Tent, Pulau Macan Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort also has Sunset Hut. It is a type of more luxurious room compared to the “tent” simply because of its facilities. The shelter has more spacious space to move, and 4 people can fit inside. It’s more modern, without leaving the sense of nature.

Guests are free to choose 1 double bed or 2 single beds, equipped with en-suite bathroom and private deck with direct access to the sea. What’s the highlight about this particular cabin is that every lodge is designed to be facing west, and guess what? An enjoyable afternoon with you sitting on the lounge chair and facing exquisite sunset will be your routine.

Another recreational facility is the Club House. Here, the visitors can spend their leisure time watching DVDs, reading a magazine, or savoring a tasty self-service dish. At its Bamboo Bar & Sundeck, you’ll see many people sunbathing in the morning.

Now, with all those facilities, how much do you have to pay? The price rate for a one-night stay in the Island Tent is starting from US $133.33 per person. If you wish to spend the night in the Sunset Hut, the price rate is starting from US $216.66 per person. A cheaper alternative would be a one-day trip, so you don’t have to stay overnight.

With the price, you don’t have to spend extra bill, because it includes the crossing cost from Marina Ancol, free foods and beverages, snorkeling equipment, boat riding cost, and retribution fee. If you wish to ask for further inquiries at Pulau Macan Tiger Island Village & Eco Resort, you can contact them at:

Office Hours: 10 am – 5 pm
Monday through Friday, GMT +7
Reservations & Info:

The Reef Villas Thousand Islands

Say hello to the newcomer resort in the list of 1000 Islands resorts! Apparently, The Reef Villa Thousand Islands is among the list of the best rooms and boards you can get. Located on the Karang Beras Island, this Thousand Island accommodation offers the utmost serenity for a peaceful holiday.

Recently opened in 2017, The Reef Villas Thousand Islands promises a tropical paradise with almost nothing in comparison. In the North Coast of Java Island, the villas are surrounded by banana tree fringe, mango trees, clean sandy beach, and beautiful sea. If you are looking for a private and secluded place to just relax all the time, the villa is a clever choice.

There are 22 luxurious villas, all equipped with spacious rooms, modern facilities, and alfresco bathrooms. In the room, you’ll find a large glass window opening the balcony, and there greet you the majestic view of emerald waters. The vast bathrooms have no partition with inside and outside showers as well as an outdoor bathtub.

The finest local dishes are ready to be served all the time. Its 5-star chefs will ensure to satisfy your palate with fresh seafood to be enjoyed at a relaxing atmosphere while you have a casual chat with a loved one.

Nearby attractions include various water sports activities such as swimming in its infinity pools, snorkeling, riding a banana boat, or jet skiing. The luxurious private yacht is prepared for guests who want to experience romantic cruise through the island chain.

With such lavish delicate of facilities, visitors should spend at least US $350 and up to US $650 for a one-night stay at the 3-bedroom villa. However, it doesn’t include transfer from and to the property. For details on booking/reservation, feel free to contact them at:

Head Office | Mesa Hotels & Resorts
Ph. +62-21-719-4121 | Fax. +62-21-719-4151 |

There are still many resorts, villas, and hotels in Thousand Islands that will give you an excellent holiday experience. What do you think about our list? Share your thought in the comment section below!

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