Things to Do in Thousand Islands Jakarta

Laying in the Jakarta Bay, Pulau Seribu or Thousand Islands has an unimaginably beautiful panorama that captivates every sight. Though the archipelago doesn’t literally have thousands of islands, it still consists of at least 110 small islands, large and small, that are divided into historical, conservation, or tourism island.

How to Get to Thousand Islands Jakarta

Thousand Islands is among the top list in Jakarta attractions that always attract many visitors to come every day. But how to get to 1000 Islands from Jakarta city? Approximately, you will spend about 20-minute ride from the Marina Ancol port to the nearest island using speedboat.

Another way to get to Thousand Islands is by ship, which departs at 8 am or 9 am from the Marina Ancol. The timber ship is also a good alternative to go to 1000 Islands from Muara Angke Port to Pramuka Island. The ship will transit about 2-3 hours before going to Panggang Island.

Things to Do in Thousand Islands Jakarta

The islands in the archipelago are divided for various purposes—for tourism, conservation, historical sites, or for community empowerment. However, there are a lot of fun activities to do here, particularly water sports, such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, etc.

Ayer Island

If you are longing for the ultimate tranquility, coming to Ayer Island will help you escape from hectic daily routine. Acknowledged as the most inclusive, brightest, and cleanest island in the archipelago, Ayer Island is popular for its floating cottages. They are built 3 meters above sea level, completely made of wood.

With an area of fewer than 10 hectares, visitors can rent a bike that costs only US $3.80 for the whole day to explore the hidden treasure of the island. You can also enjoy canoeing for US $2.25, rent fishing equipment for US $5.29, or ride a banana boat for US $28.50. If you don’t fancy the outdoor activity, simply spending your leisure time at the cottage can still make the most of your holiday. It’ll only take US $70 for a 2-day 1-night package of staying.

Sepa Island

An extraordinary landscape environment is presented in Sepa Island. This is where you can enjoy a gateway in stylish cottages that are surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful sandy beaches.

In just 90-minute trip from Marina Ancol, you can enjoy some seriously fun activities such as jet skiing, swimming, snorkeling, riding the banana boat, and scuba diving. One-day tour package rates are starting from US $83.16 with free canoeing facility.

Tidung Island

Among the largest land in 1000 Islands is the Tidung Island. It consists of “Small Tidung” and “Large Tidung” that is connected by an exquisite wooden bridge. Frankly speaking, Tidung is not purposed for tourism, but there are still many frolic activities to do.

Particularly famous is swimming and fishing, in which you can rent the equipment from the local store. Visitors can also ride a jet ski, dive, or snorkel to witness the underwater beauty of marine life. One-day package rate is starting from US $33.3 on weekday and US $125 on the weekend.

Pramuka Island

What’s most extraordinary about Pramuka Island is its divine marine life. Thus, diving is very popular activity on the island. Also employed as a conservation area, visitors can see some endangered species such as the Hawksbills and shark.

You can try dive and see exotic sea creatures like crocodile fish, stonefish, nudibranch, as well as shipwreck along the way. One-day tour package at Pramuka Island costs about US $146 per person, and it includes diving activity.

Pantara Island

Spending your holiday in Pantara Island is a perfect option that combines adventure with serenity. The island is surrounded by beautiful scenery with lush forestry, clear blue sea, white sandy beaches, and charming marine life.
If you are a water-sport enthusiast, be ready to snorkel and witness beautiful underwater creatures. Canoeing is also available for guests who want to sightsee the beautiful panorama. The rates for a 1-day package tour in Pantara Island is starting from US $282.99. Remember that the rates can change anytime due to certain circumstances.

Harapan Island

Among other Jakarta attractions in Thousand Islands is Harapan Island. If you wish to see natural coral reefs and take a beautiful underwater selfie, there’s no better place than Harapan Island.

The most popular activities in this island are snorkeling, underwater photo documentation, and biking. A one-day package in Harapan Island costs about US $66.66 per person.

Putri Island

Putri Island has all the things to make an unforgettable vacation. It is one of the most visited in 1000 Islands archipelago that has comfortable cottages to stay the night. The accommodations are facilitated with a front terrace, so you’ll have beautiful beach view all day.

The most notable favorable activity in Putri Island is visiting the underwater aquarium. Guests will have to walk inside a tunnel and see the miscellaneous marine life. Besides, you can also enjoy diving, snorkeling, fishing, and swimming. The price rates to spend your holiday in Putri Island are starting from US $70.9 for a one-day package per person.

Tiger Island/Macan Island

The Tiger Island/Macan Island signify a marvelous tropical paradise with white sandy beaches, beautiful colorful corals, and aquamarine waters surrounding the homelike cottages. Combining modern eco technology and luxury, Tiger Island/Macan Island will never fail to impress you.

You can spend a relaxing afternoon by fishing, canoeing, or enjoying water sports. Situated just 88 kilometers from Jakarta, visitors should spend about US $70.83 per night to stay on this island.

Untung Jawa Island

Somehow, compared to other islands in the 1000 Islands archipelago, Untung Jawa Island is especially popular among budget traveler. The ambiance is quite soothing with a refreshing breeze that will help to ease the stressed mind. With slope beaches and white sand, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon under the palm tree.

Visitors mostly spend their holiday in this island by having a BBQ party, grilling fresh fish, or simply fishing at the seaside. The wave is calm, so it’s perfect for swimming. The rate to enjoy the fun in Untung Jawa Island starts from US $20.83 per person.

Onrust Island

Intended as a historical site, Onrust Island is the silent witness of ancient graves from the colonial era. There are many archeological heritages that scattered through the land. The only standing monument is a house that is now used as Onrust Museum that collects numerous recorded development of the island.

Obviously, a historical tour is the main attraction in Onrust Island. Distanced about 14 kilometers away from Jakarta, you can come to the island from Ancol, Priok, Muara Kamal, or Pasar Ikan Agke port.

Kotok Island

Just 90 minutes away from Jakarta, Kotok Island offers you the ultimate holiday experience in the exotic land. In this island, you can stay at its cottages with relaxing ambience. There’s also an open-air restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine.

Riding a banana boat, scuba diving, and snorkeling are some of the most popular outdoor activity. If you wish to have a vacation in Kotok Island, price rate is starting from US $76 for one-day tour package.

The archipelago still has many beautiful islands to explore. So, what’s the best island in Pulau Seribu or Thousand Islands according to you? Let us know what you think.

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